Pastor Chinwe Nwafor was born and raised in Nigeria, in the Anglican faith. She is a product of the University of Ibadan, where she graduated B.A. Theater Arts, M.A, 1986, and Ph.D. in 1990 all in English Education. She also has a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), From Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, California.

Her desire and search for a greater spiritual fulfillment led her to give her life to Christ in 1987 at the Chapel of the Resurrection, University of Ibadan.

Right after giving her life to Christ, she went to Yeshua Bible School in Ibadan, in 1989-1990,Bible School that was an affiliate of Kenneth Hagin’s Tolsa Bible School, in the US. Finally, her continued burning desire and search for greater spiritual fulfillment landed her in the RCCG in 1994. She served as a Sunday school teacher, house fellowship leader, choir director, Church Administrative Secretary, Deaconess, and finally a Pastor.

Pastor Chinwe is happily married to Professor Ndubisi Nwafor and they are blessed with 4 sons, a daughter and grandchildren. One of her sons Chuka, is the Pastor of the RCCG, International Christian Center in London. Her youngest son is also a deacon in RCCG, International Christian Center, London. 

Pastor Chinwe is the pioneer and Founder of the RCCG, King’s Court Parish, a young but very vibrant church, a community-knitted and zealous multiracial congregation. A church where the spirit of God is moving and brethren dwell in peace, unity and love. A deaconess who visited from Nigeria had this to say: "Indeed, this is not just a church it is a family of God’s children".

Prof. Ndubisi Nwafor, (better known as Big Daddy)

He is the Supervisor General, working behind the scene and ensuring that all knots, bolts and pins are properly in place and functional. He is the Recorder/ statistician, keeps record of attendance in all church activities, programs and events and for all departments and ministries. The record is used to determine and encourage participation, performance and commitment of members. He is also the Zonal Minister for Children’s Ministry.  He is the husband of  Pastor Chinwe and by virtue the co-Pastor.