The VISION of this church is that prayers said in this church shall be honored by the Lord and it has been so, and based on that we started a program called: “GAP” God Answers Prayer and of a truth, God answers our prayers and we have been grateful to Him. As we have been on this spiritual journey with the Lord, I believe that God will release a new revelation to us and bring us into a higher level of experience where God’s power and glory will be manifested in the lives of every member of this church in a greater measure than ever before. And as you visit us, we pray the Almighty God to extend that grace to you today, in Jesus name, Amen.

Just as the God’s shekinah glory rested upon the tabernacle, as a powerful witness to the children of Israel to witness the reality of His glorious Presence, the same shall be your portion as you come. I also believe that the hour has come when His power and glory will be seen and manifested upon His church and we in King’s Court Parish are a part of this body of Christ. We believe His glory will be seen upon our lives and we want to extend that to you today.

Our purpose in this our father’s palace during this spiritual journey is to cultivate His AWESOME PRESENCE in order to allow the Holy Spirit to anoint our spiritual eyes and ears so that we will be able to see what He wants us to see and hear what He wants us to hear. 

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, King’s Court Parish, came into existence in November 2006. It started in a Hotel with just three families but since that date, many more families have joined the church and the church has increased tremendously in number to the amazement of everybody. Also, the church moved from the hotel to 400 South La Brea in Inglewood, Los Angeles, and presently to 10513 Hawthorne Blvd, Lennox, CA 90304 California where worship and all the midweek programs are being held. We will continue to use the place until His awesome presence takes us to our own permanent facility and that will be soon. 

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, King’s Court Parish, started with only one ministry-the choir, but now there are about thirteen ministries; Administration, Choir, Prayer, Maintenance, Children, Technical, Public Relations/ Evangelism, Sunday-School, Women, Men, Workers, Media, New Believers and Prayer warriors. These ministries are headed by coordinators - seasoned men and women of God.

The parish also has Digging Deep every Tuesday and Holy Ghost Night every first Friday of the month and it is always very well attended. The parish runs a program called GAP (God Answers Prayer), every first Sunday of the month. Members have benefited immensely and testimonies abound... If you need quick answers to your burdens you need to attend our GAP. 

May God bless you.