This is one of the most exciting programs we have at KCP. It holds once every two months on a Friday from 7 to 9 pm.  For the first one hour adults and children watch a Christian movie with a sound moral and spiritual content. Usually the movie is a documentary on how a life or lives have been transformed or saved by some act of God or human goodness. This is followed by a general discussion in which children are encouraged to participate.

The Adult Hour: The next hour is purely and strictly adults only. Children move out into their room and could continue watching their favorite movies.  Adults discuss topics based on questions and comments and experiences of marriage and family life. The discussion is moderated by the Pastor or the coordinator of the ministry, who picks topics for discussion from a pool of papers submitted during the week. People are encouraged and excited because the papers are anonymous. The topics submitted range from marital romance, sex, spousal relationships, children’s discipline, parent in-laws, family finance- separate or joint bank accounts, sex and abstinence during certain periods or events,  home management and responsibilities- bills and spending, shopping and vacation, decision making, attendance to church activities, the problem of tithe, etc.

Because of the anonymity of the issues raised for discussion the comments and responses usually generate a lot of exciting and sometimes heated arguments. Men and women sometime trade punches and raise gender based opinions to support or oppose a point of view. But after all the hail and storm, each issue or point of controversy is put under the microscope of the Holy Bible, because there is no issue or problem under the sun that doesn’t have the solution in the scripture, which is the manual of life.

The most credit of the Family Fun Nite is that it provides a healthy avenue or medium for individuals to  give vent to their personal and private problems, and find some solace by looking at themselves from the eyes of the third party which is the audience, and from the view point of the forth party which is the scripture. In other words, the Family Fun Nite is a very healthy and spiritual therapy for the well-being and harmony of the family. The design and objective of it is to provide social and spiritual guidance, and to strengthen the cords of love and understanding in marriage and family in an informal and hilarious way.