This is a very dynamic resource and administrative program uniquely peculiar to King’s Court Parish (KCP). 

For Effective Religious and Administrative management purposes and governance, the congregation is structured into smaller operative units called Cell Groups. For effective participation of members in the group, to ensure and inculcate positive spiritual and social growth, each Cell Group is limited between 12 and 16 members. The Group Leader is the “Pastor” who coordinates the Cell Group.

The Cell Groups are given the names that reflect the names or the attributes of God. As the congregation grows in number, new cell groups are created. The Cell Leader serves at the pleasure of the Pastor. The Cell Groups take turn in ministering and conducting Mid-Week programs and activities. Each Group celebrates their Thanksgiving Sunday with a lot of activities: playlets, Bible quiz, Testimonies, music and dance, etc. it’s always a Red Letter Day. The group decorates the sanctuary very beautifully and it’s a very special day   which everybody looks up to for excitement and fun and jubilant socialization. They always invite their friends, neighbors and colleagues to their Thanksgiving Service.  It’s a festive day and gives a lot of color and advertisement for the church. It promotes unity and cooperation among members of the Cell Group. Currently the Cell Groups consist of:

  • Elyon Cell Group (Den. Seyi Sonoiki)
  • Jehovah Rapha Cell Group (Sis. Irene Ajiduah)
  • Elohim Cell Group (Sis. Esther Ojerinde)
  • Jehovah Jireh Cell Group (Den. Dare Akintayo)
  • Sabaoth Cell Group (Sis. Faith Ilechukwu)
  • Tsidikenu Cell Group (Den. Deji Karunwi)

Each Cell Group can design and organize its own schedule of religious and social activities such as:

  • Prayer Meetings (physical or by phone conference)
  • Fast Days
  • Evangelism
  • Social Outings

More Cell Groups are added as the church grows.