I am the coordinator for Singles and youths Ministry. In our department we welcome all singles and young adults who are yet to be married, We encourage everyone to be participate fully in the house of the Lord. We all know that in a believers church like ours, RCCG. the majority of the population is made up of young people who are able and willing to serve the Lord, and at this time they need encouragement. Not only serving by coming to church on Sundays but to be part of the church in all activities, such as weekly activities, cleaning,organizing,Teaching,and loving one another.

You will also agree with me that the young adults need encouragement in areas of tithe payment. The church also need such funds to make things or our LORD put in place. I also serve in the Technical department, we are in charge of all live recordings both audio, Videos and stage audio mixers.


Ken Nnabuife Ugeh