Worship moves the hand of God to do extra ordinary things in our lives no wonder David was called a man after Gods heart, surmounting all mountains and controlled all situations.

It's been very wonderful being a part of KCP family where the love of God is made evident. Heavenly voices, The Music Ministry is blessed with a team of committed members and we are positively affecting the world around Los Angeles and beyond with the gift of music. Our earnest desire is to make heaven and to take as many as possible with us that is why we channel our efforts through a church with a vision.

Success, they say does not just come on its own, the growth of the music ministry is as a result of tireless efforts of brethren on pics, and our dedicated pastor, Dr Chinwe Nwafor who is also using all godly strategy to ensure that we attain higher realm in the ministry and through the grace of  God working with the choir in unfolding inspiration.

We depend on the directions of The Holy Spirit in propagating the gospel and that God has been very faithful to His promises.We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation. You definitely will find joy and answers to your prayers when you join us in worship.

Remain blessed.
Yours in his vineyard,

Bro Deji Karunmwi