Cell Groups.


All Men’s Choir (Gideonites). An innovation, Once a month only members of the Men’s Ministry minister in the choir during service.

All Women’s Choir (Vessels Of Honor). An innovation; An All Women Choir, they alternate monthly with the All men’s choir.

24 Hour Prayer: A very intensive spiritual enriching innovation: Prayer and worship from 6.00: p.m. Friday evening to Saturday 7. 00 p.m. No meals only beverage and fruit snacks Saturday morning. It’s like in house prayer retreat. .

Liberty Prayer: A prayer Warrior Ministry, always interceding for the Church. A member leads the service in intense prayer ministration for 20 minutes at beginning of service.

Youth Bible Reading as part of church service: Two members of the Youth Ministry read a Bible passage selected by the pastor, usually the Bible passage will be related to the sermon/message.


These signature trade-mark programs of King’s Court Parish are an eloquent testimony of the Harmony, Peace and Unity and the dynamic leadership and the free flow of the spirit of progress, innovation, ingenuity and creativity among the leadership. Because the Holy Spirit does not abide in an atmosphere of rancor, disharmony and mistrust. Can two walk together except they agree?   Visiting clergy and many visitors have always testified that KCP is not just a church, but a very unique family where love flows like a river.